There's a lot of history in Sacramento, especially Old Sacramento. Museums abound and gold rush era architecture is fun to look at. But unless your child is the next Ken Burns, you may want to include some time for visiting many of the city's other attractions as well, such as the Sacramento Zoo.

Actually, the zoo has a bit of its own history, as it was opened in 1927. Many of its exhibited animals are on the endangered or "threatened with extinction" list. Ever heard of a red panda? How about a fire-bellied toad?

Fairytale Town is a children's park located in William Land Park in Sacramento. It's a fun storybook park that's been around since 1959, presented to the city as a gift. Miniature fairytale settings and costumes bring the stories alive for the little ones. Supported primarily by the public, it serves low-income and disabled children by offering them free admission.

No one can come to the birthplace of the California Gold Rush without visiting Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma, where people still pan for gold (and find it!). Attractions, exhibits, and various events will keep the family going all day.

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