Roseville is a great town east of Sacramento.  What started as a railroad town in the early 1900s has grown into a thriving city.  Roseville is home to two of the largest high tech companies, HP and NEC which provide employment to a large number of its residents.  The weather can be extreme for a few weeks in the summer with temps into the 100's, but most of the year has a very livable temperature.  Roseville and Sacramento go at a slower speed than places like San Francisco or Los Angeles which makes it very easy to live and work in.  While the traffic can be bad on the highway at rush hours, there is a lot of room here and the road system is well maintained and convenient.  Roseville has the luck of having a city council that really cares for the city and it's people.  They are responsive to needs of the community, which has helped them keep up with the changing needs of the city.  Roseville is filled with great restaurants, movie theatres, and shopping centers.  The Roseville Galleria is a Westfield shopping mall with very good restaurants and first rate shops.