Randsburg is a wonderful little ghost town one mile off the 395 about twenty miles from Ridgecrest. It is a "living ghost town", meaning that there is currently a small population still living there. To see in Randsburg are many old buildings, lots and lots of antiques, a museum, and several old cars and trucks left where they were parked years ago. Randsburg was once a mining town, and a mine with many shafts are still visible around the area. Dirt bikes and off roaders find this a popular spot. It's also a great destination for Harleys and other bikers. There are two places to have lunch, and two bars, as well as lodging. Don't expect much in the way of fancy. Instead, expect rustic. Many of the establishments in the town are open only on weekends. If you just want to stroll through an old mining town on your way to the Sierras and don't much care about shopping, this is a great place to see.