A mere 15 minutes north on the 101 from the onramp near the Adelaide Inn you will find the town of San Miguel and the exit for  Mission Street that leads directly to the historic California Mission San Miguel Arcangel. The church is used daily and the gift shop and museum are open for visits as well. Just check the schedule online. The artifacts and well-preserved buildings are carefully and clearly organized in a self-guided tour. All you pay is a voluntary donation of two dollars per person,or five dollars per family and you can proceed at your own pace, using a clearly written  brochure as your guide to California's rich historical past. This is an activity for all ages, and is focused on history and the development of the California cultural experience. Although Paso Robles is noted for its many wineries and restaurants, the Historical Society is endeavoring to preserve and feature the town's rich heritage. This mission is just one of many opportunities available to visitors who are interested in the cultural and historical background of the central valley region of the state.