These Pasadena restaurants are family friendly, and some are down right unique! 

Mijares Mexican Restaurant is a Pasadena landmark, serving great food in a family atmosphere for over 75 years. Located on Pasadena Avenue, just north of California and south of Del Mar, kids get crayons and coloring pages, menus with kids meals and service that brings chips and drinks to keep everyone happy right away. 

Don't forget Clearman's Galley.  Affectionately known as "The Boat" this unique place is great for a family friendly dinner.  On Rosemead at Huntington, they serve up consistently good food for decades, which includes Clearman's famous red cabbage salad, blue cheese dressing on iceburg lettuce, and cheese bread, along with  burgers, fries, fish & chips, broasted chicken and beer.  Long tressle tables and bench seating complemented by sturdy arm chairs makes this place great for familys with kids.

Islands is a great family pleaser.  Surf theme'd restaurant offers a variety of burgers, chicken sandwhiches and veggie burgers too, Cheese fries, and lemonade can round out your meal.  Its often loud, and there can be a wait, but crayons keep the kids occupied and  service is usually quick.  Islands is now in the Paseo Colorado, as well as Hastings Ranch.  

Also surprisingly kid-friendly is Twin Palms in Old Town. A great place for a group lunch with adults and kids, grown ups love the food, wine and unique atmosphere while the kids get coloring books, a fantastic value kids menu  and a lot of attention from the staff.