Palo Alto is in the heart of California's vibrant Silicon Valley and centers on Stanford University , one of the United State's finest universities.  Palo Alto has several great downtown areas to explore - University Avenue offers great shopping and restaurants while California Street, just a mile away, is more laid back and tends to draw a local crowd versus students and tourists.

Palo Alto is less than an hour from San Francisco and is less than half an hour from San Jose.  Stanford's campus is gorgeous, mixing classic and modern architectures.  A drive up Palm Drive will bring you straight to the center of campus, the spectacular  Memorial Church.  The University has an excellent  museum, called The Cantor Arts Center with an extensive Rodin sculpture garden and many other interesting exhibits.

Palo Alto is also a center of technology innovation, home to Hewlett Packard and other pioneering companies. Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto is legendary for its high concentration of venture capitalists that have fueled the development of many technology start up companies.

Any description of Palo Alto would be lacking without describing the beautiful outdoor opportunities there as well.  The temperatures are moderate year round - though hot in summer - and there are beautiful biking paths and hiking trails in and around Palo Alto.  "The Dish" is a local favorite for walking/running - offering a hilly 3 mile loop with spectacular views of the Penninsula when you reach the top... Just watch out for the occasional wildcat warnings.