There’s really no bad time to head to the desert of Palm Springs. With 350 days of sunshine each year, you’re sure to need your sunglasses nearly every single day of your trip, no matter how long it will be.

The Palm Springs Region is bounded on the North by the Little San Bernardino Mountains, on the South by the Santa Rosa Mountains, and on the West by the San Jacinto Mountains and the towering 10,000 foot Mount San Jacinto.  These mountains block moisture creating a rain-shadow effect that limits rainfall to less than 6 inches annually and creates the famous warm, dry climate.  Winter temperatures are a comfortable 70s by day and 40s at night.  Summer temperatures quite often climb above 100 with temperatures in the nearby mountains 25-30 degrees cooler.  If visiting in the hot summer months, a visit to the mountains can provide a welcome escape from the heat.

Annual precipitation is a modest 6 inches a year here, so if you’re coming during winter leave the umbrellas and galoshes at home and head for warm sunshine. If you are planning a summer trip to Palm Springs, remember that this is the desert and it gets very hot. Outdoor activities are best reserved for early morning and evening.

So what are the temperatures in Palm Springs? How does an average temperature of at least 70 degrees every day sound to you? The coldest months of the year are December and January – the average high temperature is 70 and the low around 43. January is also the wettest month – average precipitation is about 1.25 inches.

Say it’s February and you need to get away from the cold and find R & R in the sun? How does an average temperature of about 75 sound? That’s what you’ll find in Palm Springs.

But once the calendar hits May onward, things warm up considerably. By May, the average temperature is 95 and by July, 108. And remember, these are averages. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to hit 115 in the summer in Palm Springs.  It is a Dry Heat, with Very Little if any Humidity which makes it comfortable and much more tolerable than humid, sticky conditions found elsewhere.   Bring a visor, sun block and a portable fan! Be certain to Drink Plenty of Water to stay well hydrated.