With the busy life of San Francisco just across the bridge, one would think that travelers may have to head over there to get a good taste of the local nightlife.  However, Oakland has a nightlife all its own.  Travelers can check out the following places

  • The 5th Amendment: If you are interested in discovering local artists, the 5th Amendment is a good place to stop. This is the bar people go to for good music and a fun  relaxing night.
  • Club Anton: Club Anton is one of the most popular bars in Oakland for its Latin music venue. And if it is not Latin Music night, you can enjoy HipHop or Reggae night. Thanks to its great music venue, Club Anton is also a very popular place to take over the dance floor. With an awesome music system and a great atmosphere, comes pricey drinks...


  • Cafe Van Kleef: Cafe Van Kleef is the hippie bar of Oakland. Different bands play every night and the bartenders are very friendly. You don't have to worry about finding a place to eat after hours, especially after dancing, free food is usually passed along.
  • Uptown: This is the Rock Music place. The bar is separated from the dance room, and offers a large choice of cocktails. This bar assures you a great time.
  • Vine: Now if you are looking for something more chill, where you don't have to put your dancing shoes on, Vine is a nice wine bar. The loft setting gives all the charm to this place. What is great about this place is that on top of a nice wine menu, they also serve beers to please everyone!
  • The Trappist: The Trappist is the best beer bar in town! This pub has a great menu of quality beers , and serve food as well. Their dishes are actually quite yummy, not what you usually would expect from a Pub.
  • Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon: f you are looking for a very unique experience stop by Heinold’s First And Last Chance Saloon. Due to earthquakes the floor isn't quite straight. Go out on the patio and enjoy a great view of Oakland's bay. This is a great place with good ambiance and cheap drinks.
  • @17th ( http://www.at17th.com/) is a trendy dance club with two bars, a cigar lounge and plenty of music to keep people dancing all night long.
  • Conga Lounge ( http://www.congalounge.com/) has a daily happy hour and music all weekend long.  This place primarily has a reggae/salsa feel to it, but it welcomes in a rather diverse crowd.
  • Eli’s Mile High Club ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction... ) is a small blues bar enjoyed by a mellow evening crowd.
  • Oakland Noodle Factory ( http://oaklandnoodlefactory.org/) is not only a dance club and live music venue but also an art space.  The hip and trendy of tourists will enjoy this space.
  • Comedy Off Broadway Oakland (http://www.coboak.com/) happens to be just about the only regular comedy show in Oakland. It's at Miss Pearl's Jam House in Jack London Square and features an amazing array of diverse comics. The show is relatively clean humor and the food from the restaurant is great. Best of all - no minimums". Don't want to order 2 items - it's okay.
For a comprehensive listing of all of the nightlife options in Oakland, visit Oakland.com at http://www.oakland.com/nightlife/.  It should be noted that, in general, Oakland is relatively safe; however, it is not recommended that guests go out on the town alone at night.  For more information on safety in the area, see http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g32....