Getting around Napa isn't difficult and streets are well marked. Signs abound with arrows and directions to various wineries. But if you're heading to the infamous Wine Country and want to make sure you have a full "Sideways" experience, a guidebook might make the difference between hitting all the standard, larger wineries found on highway 29 and finding some interesting and scenic back roads that can take you somewhere unexpected.

 For an all-around resource, pick up the official Napa Valley Guide, available for free at (or by mail from) the Napa Valley Welcome Center, or easily downloaded in pdf version from

Another option is the beautiful "Napa Valley: The Land, The Wine and The People" by Charles O'Rear and Daphne Larkin. Available at the Napa Valley Welcome Center or, it captures the essence of the culture in spectacular imagery and illuminating text.

Finally, don’t overlook locally published books you can pick up at wineries and small stores throughout the region. These books, written by locals with extensive knowledge of the area, will give you interesting reading on your winery-to-winery drives, background on the area you might not otherwise be privy to and ideas for interesting side trips.