The weather in Mendocino County as a whole is mild, with somewhat wetter and cooler winters and plenty of warm sunny days throughout the summer. Winds pick up from the Pacific Ocean throughout the year so it can feel a bit cooler on the coast. Likewise, in the winter the winds can really gust off the ocean so you probably won’t want to be doing long walks on the beach in December.

But generally anytime is a good time to visit the town of Mendocino and the surrounding area. The town never gets hot in the summer, but temperatures seldom freeze in the winter. If you’re moving further inland to explore the nearby red woods or taking in the sights you’ll notice the temperatures raise the further inland you get.

Temperatures in the summer are a mild low 60s to low 70s during the day and often only in the high 40s at night. But this same weather can also describe the winter months, when the temperatures are only slightly lower. November through early March is the rainy season, and July and early August are the driest months, and the days clear of clouds!

Locals will suggest you wear a few layers, so that you’ll stay warm enough when closer to the coast yet can strip off a jacket or sweater when you’re in the sun further inland.