Helpful tips for a U.S. Southwest trip:

1. Do your research on Trip Advisor. - Everyone is very helpful in the forums. Also make use of the search engine and search for past forum discussions based on the topic you want. The Inside Pages are also very helpful and so are the Restaurant and Hotel Reviews.

2. Tomy Navigation Tool - Very useful gadget to help you find your way.  You can use it in your car and also whilst walking. Get the most basic one as it will be able to pinpoint almost all of the locations that you put in.

3. Starry starry skies- The night view with the stars (at Sedona - The Enchanted & at Zion National Park) are simply one-of-a-kind, and  you may even see shooting stars. A lot is said about the rocks and canyons, but the stars (which resembled fireworks - Sedona) are magical!

4. Lotion up - Temperatures can be very hot and dry esp. during summer, aside from sun protection, also bring a really good body/ hand lotion if you have sensitive skin.

5. Restaurants - Before going, try to check the reviews here at TA. Also, check out people's recommended dishes. 

6. Water - Stock up on them on the road.

7. Scenic View Sign - Pay attention to signs on the road which says 'Scenic Views' and get your camera ready when you get off!

8. Speed Limit - Pay attention to the speed limit and don't get carried away on the highway. You may get pulled over!

9. Hotels - Make use of the concierge. You can get plenty of really good advice from them. Also, don't hesitate to try and request a room with a view. Do this before the trip.

10. Cameron Trading Post - It has an air-conditioned shopping building with a lot of good native stuff and also a supermarket. No haggling, nicely decorated, cool air.