Staying in Hollywood doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see celebrities. To be assured of at least one sighting, go to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Many here at say that the Warner Brothers tour is the place to see celebs. There are certain hang-outs, though, where stars wine, dine and brunch:

Nate n’ Als in Beverly Hills – a deli that is as famous for it’s food as it is for it’s clientele.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel bars – although very difficult to get into (expect long lines and a tough doorman), you can party it up with the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrity-owned restaurants – hot restaurants come and go, but these have been hotspots for over a year and attract other celebs (equal to decades in the LA world): Geisha House, Chi, Rokbar, Falcon. Check for updates.

Malibu restaurants – celebs eat where they live, Nobu and Taverna Tony’s are favorite haunts.

Coffee shops – Any Peet’s coffee, Starbucks, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Sunset Plaza or Montana Avenue (Malibu, too).

Sunset Strip -- The Hamburger Hamlet just west of Donheny Drive, adjacent to Beverly Hills.

Also, try the Grove, or any of the multiple gyms! 

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