Recommendation #1:

Provide ESSENTIAL info. Most questions will get maximum results if you include the following information:

a. The EXACT dates of your trip.

(Climate and “seasonal schedules” can affect the responses you will receive).  If you know the exact dates of your visit include them especially if you're asking a question about 'where to stay'.  This is because hotel rates vary from month to month and between weekdays and weekends; often, hotel rates are discounted on stays of 3 nights or more.  We can't recommend hotels in your budget unless we have all of this information.

b. The neighborhood in Los Angeles where you will be staying.

(Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S. plus it is extremely spread out. Knowing where you are based during your trip will assist others in guiding you more effectively).

c. Whether you will have a car

(Public transit is good in some portions of the metro area, adequate in others and nonexistent in others. State whether you will be relying on public transit or driving a car. Others will respond by giving transit route suggestions or advice on where to park or routes to take and the best times to drive -- to avoid traffic).

d. Your budget

(Unless Forum contributors know how much you are comfortable spending, they can’t make realistic recommendations. Avoid adjectives like “cheap” or “not too expensive” in favor of specific dollar amounts, e.g. “an Italian dinner for two for around $40” or "a decent motel for no more than $150 per night" ).  Please express prices in U.S. dollars.

e. The number of people you are traveling with and their ages.

There are many, many reasons for disclosing this information including:

i. If you are requesting public transit directions, the number of people in your party will determine which transit option you should use.

ii. If you are asking about “things to do”, children of different ages (and genders) can have different interests. Avoid phrases such as “2 adults and 2 teens” in favor of “2 adults and 1 boy (13) and 1 girl (19)”. The latter tells us so much more about you.

f. If you are trying to get ‘the best price’ for a hotel, car rental or attraction, first do some research on your own. When you post your question, include the results of that research, i.e., the price you’ve found for the thing you’re interested in. Include ALL of the details, e.g. if it’s a car rental, tell us the type of car you’re interested in, your car rental dates and the place(s) where you will pick up and drop off the car. There’s no way for us to tell you ‘the best price’, if we don’t know what price you’ve uncovered on your own.

Recommendation #2:

Avoid questions that are too general in nature. Questions like “what should we see and do in L.A.” are hard to respond to because no one who answers your question knows anything about you. Take the time to research the city and its environs first and then ask SPECIFIC questions like:

“We are a family of 4 -- two sons, 8 and 10. Should we go to Disneyland or Knotts Berry Farm? Do you have any other suggestions for things for our family to see and do?” We love the outdoors (especially water sports) and my husband is a “science fan”.

Along those lines, don’t ask for “least-expensive AND best way to transfer” (between 2 points). There is no such thing as something that is “best” and, at the same time, “least expensive”. Tell us your budget for the transfer and what requirements you have (level of comfort, price you’re willing to pay, transfer time you’re willing to tolerate, etc). And, as always, tell us the day and time of the transfer and how many people you are traveling with.

Often posters will ask for a hotel that has clean rooms and is in a safe area. Rest assured that none of the wonderful, helpful people on the Forums would recommend a dirty hotel in a dangerous neighborhood so there’s no need to address these concerns in your posting.

Enjoy your visit to LA :-)