Things to Know Before Traveling to Bob Hope Airport:

The next best airport shadowing LAX is Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport (airport code BUR).. If you're wanting to avoid traffic and crowds of people, Bob Hope should be your first choice. (Keep in mind, though, that BUR handles domestic traffic only -- no international flights).  BUR has been serving travelers since 1930 and has gone through several name changes.  In 2003, the airport changed its name to Bob Hope Airport in honor of the Hollywood comedian Bob Hope who parked his private jet there. 

BUR serves Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley. The airport is conveniently located close to many of Southern California’s main attractions like downtown L.A., Hollywood, and Universal Studios.  Theme Parks like Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Knotts Berry Farm and Six Flags are 40 to 60 minutes away by car (comparable or closer than the transfer time from LAX)

Bob Hope Airport accommodates millions of travelers a year most of whom seem to leave the airport with positive responses. For those that have never used BUR, or for those that frequently use It, here is a set of tips to enhance your use of the airport:

Transportation: Whether you're arriving at or departing from Bob Hope Airport, ground transportation is easy. The traffic in and around the airport is less than at LAX which is a huge highlight.  This means less time wasted on airport transfers. Arriving passengers can be dropped off in front of either of the 2 terminals or can use several of the airport's parking options.

Economy parking allows you to park and then take a free shuttle to your terminal.  Short term parking allows travelers to park for only $3 for 30 minutes; (the rate for 1 hour of parking is $5) allowing easy access to the terminals which are immediately across the road from the short term parking structure.

Among the parking choices is valet which is the fastest, offered in front of the terminals. If you arrive at BUR, you can be picked up, rent a 'shared van' or 'private van', or take a train (the rail station is withIn walking distance from the terminals).  Free shuttles are available if you don't wish to make the 3 or 4 minute walk.  Both Metrolink regional trains ( and Amtrak national trains ( use this station.  You can also take a bus from the one of bus stops on Hollywood Way -- adjacent to the airport's driveway entrance (Bus schedules and routes are available at METRO.NET).

Since the 2 terminals are small and close together, access to the terminals makes roadside pick up easy and fast.  If transportation is needed Prime Time Shuttle and Super Shuttle are efficient and reliable ground transportation services offering 'shared vans', 'private vans' and 'towncars/sedans/limos'.  Buses are highly popular at Bob Hope Airport and are accessible from the bus stops on Hollywood Way just outside of the airport's driveway entrance. There are Metro buses and the City of Burbank Buses, offering local transportation around the Los Angeles area.

To speed up the loading and unloading of aircraft, Bob Hope Airport allows passengers to use the plane's forward and aft doors simultaneously.  Note: there are no jetways at BUR (all aircraft use 'roll up staircases') so if you have trouble climbing stairs, you might consider using a different airport.

Security: As far as luggage goes, be sure to follow packing rules which are similar to those at most U.S. airports.  There are restrictions regarding the type and quantity of items (including liquids) that you may pack in your checked as well as in carry on luggage.  The TSA has a webpage that explains what passengers may take on the plane. Go here for this information. (The restrictions on liquids are explained in the last secton of this webpage under 'other items')

However, if you find yourself with a prohibited item, you can ship it home at Terminal A with Mailsafe Express. Also, follow all TSA rules. Have your ID ready and pack appropriately. TSA does not allow waiting at the curb but a good tip is to drive to lane #2 past Terminal A for better curbside assistance. Nonetheless, check-in at Bob Hope Airport is fast compared to other airports. Bob Hope Airport prides themselves on convenience. The lines are usually short and the process is smooth.

In and Around: BUR doesn’t want travelers to have to long wait but if you have a long layover or time to spare rest assured:  the  Airport offers free Wi-Fi.  In Terminal A, The Lunch Box Cafe provides a full restaurant and bar. For shopping choices, The Paradise Shop is the top choice for retail operations. Although there is plenty to eat and places to shop, Bob Hope Airport customers reviewed their experiences on Most reviews warned that Bob Hope Airport doesn’t have very many good restaurant choices. A good option is to bring what you prefer with you.

Car Rental: Starting July, 2014, BUR has moved all of its car rental facilities into a new parking structure (car park) that is behind the main parking structure for the airport.  There is an elevated walkway (some of it, a moving sidewalk) that connects the car rental facilities with the terminals.  The estimated length of the walkway is 1100 feet / 335 m -- a walk of about 7 minutes).

There is no shuttle.  Remember that, in Burbank, it is very hot during the summer months.  if you are traveling with small children or anyone with issues walking, consider having one person go to do the rental car facility and return to the terminal to pick up luggage and the other members of your traveling party,  There is now free wheel chair service available on the sidewalk in front of each terminal for those who have trouble walking to the car rental facility.