Southern California is generally known for being something of a lazy place, with people spending their time sun tanning on the beaches.  However Southern California is also known for its obsession with fitness and health.  This combination leads to a local culture which enjoys outdoor sports.  Long Beach visitors can enjoy everything from water skiing to golf.  The best part of this is that visitors can enjoy outdoor sports all year round, because it is almost always sunny in Long Beach but it is never overwhelmingly hot.

Interestingly, despite the ever-present sunshine, Long Beach is actually home to a fairly well known ice hockey team.  The Long Beach Ice Dogs practice indoors at the Long Beach Sports Arena.  Visitors can stop by during training season to watch the Ice Dogs prepare.

In terms of spectator sports, however, the most popular option in Long Beach is the Long Beach Grand Prix.   Cars are important to the people of Long Beach and this April event excites the locals and draws in the tourists.   Though this event only lasts a weekend, local events related to the sport go on throughout the month.   More information is available at the official website of the Long Beach Grand Prix: .