Most Long Beach visitors who fly in to the area opt to rent a car at the airport.  Car rental is available from both the Long Beach Airport ( and the Los Angeles International Airport.  Car rental companies which are used by many visitors include Budget (, Hertz ( and National (  Each of the car rental agencies has its own rules and regulations for travelers so visitors should contact the company directly to get more information.

Travel warning for driver’s:  The Long Beach area is often crowded and traffic can be overwhelming.  This is especially true for travelers who get to the area via the Los Angeles International Airport.  It is highly recommended that only patient drivers rent cars in the area.   Avoiding the major rush hour times during morning and evening weekday traffic is also highly recommended.  Travelers can use the high occupancy vehicle lanes if there are two (or three, depending on the time, check highway signs) passengers in the vehicle.

Visitors who are interested in using taxi services in Long Beach are able to do so.   Taxi cabs are available at the airports, although visitors should be aware that the distance from the airport to downtown Long Beach, especially for travelers arriving in the area at the Los Angeles International Airport, is great enough to make the taxi ride an expensive one.