Long Beach has dozens of distinct neighborhoods, from tony neighborhoods with multi-million dollar waterfront homes to areas that are economically challenged. Racially, economically, and in almost every other way, Long Beach is incredibly diverse and most of its residents embrace that diversity. 

There are several different neighborhoods which are of interest to many Long Beach visitors.  Travelers without knowledge of the area should try to remain in these neighborhoods.  The most popular neighborhoods are:

  • Belmont Shore and Naples are beachy, waterfront communities and home to Second Street, a popular thoroughfare with many great shops and restaurants.
  • Broadway Corridor – Another thoroughfare that's home to great restaurants and shops. The Broadway corridor, stretching between Downtown Long Beach and Belmont Shore is known for being LGBT friendly.
  • California Heights is a historic residential neighborhood with tree-lined streets and many great examples of Spanish style architecture.
  • Downtown – Most Long Beach visitors will spend a significant amount of time in this area.  This is where Long Beach public transportation is centered.  More information on public transportation is at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g32... .
  • East Village – This subsection of downtown is known for the dining and nightlife options available to tourists. It's also known as the Arts District.
  • Fourth Street Corridor – Also located downtown, this section of streets is the place for Long Beach visitors who enjoy thrift shopping.
  • Los Altos - Home to Cal State Long Beach, this is a suburban neighborhood with many ranch style homes.
  • Cliff May Ranchos - Known as the father of the modern day ranch home, this neighborhood nestled near El Dorado Regional Park, offers an enclave of great mid-century modern homes