The culture of the Long Beach area is one which is very interesting.  It is known for its Southern California style, which combines Hollywood fashion with a laidback beach-bum style approach to life.  However, Long Beach is also known for a darker side of its local culture: the gang life.  These two lifestyles seemed to merge in the 1990’s, especially with the high profile growth of such local rappers as Snoop Dogg.  Visitors spending time in Long Beach will find that these different lifestyles have blended in to one culture, known commonly as “ghetto fabulous”.

The term “ghetto fabulous” is a relatively new term which is meant to summarize a fashion style and way of life exhibited by people who grew up in bad neighborhoods but then went on to obtain money, usually through success in the entertainment industry.  More information about the term can be found at the Urban Dictionary website: .

Other than ghetto fabulous culture, the main culture of Long Beach is that traditionally associated with people in Southern California.  It is very much an area of high technology and obsession with Hollywood, but it is also an area where people want to get money primarily so they can spend their days lounging on the beach and being carefree.  It is mostly a laidback culture with a stylish flair.