Flavors Of Laguna 


Flavors Of Laguna provides Food Tasting & Culture Tours in Laguna Beach, CA, one of the most beautiful and cultural beaches in Orange County, California.  The tour introduces you to the cultural food in Laguna Beach, as well as the history, landmarks and "feel".  Each tour is 3 hours long, but can run well past it.  This is a great way to spend the afternoon, as well as learn about Laguna Beach.

This is a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes.  This tour is not only food tasting, as there is plenty of that, but it also explains hot spots that you would never learn about on your own.  Alcohol is not included, although they do bring you to a place where you can purchase it while you relax in a seated table.  Some of the tastings are outside of restaurants, because the restaurants become very busy in the summer.