The 7,300-sq.-metre City God Temple of Pingyao, one of the few Taoist architectural historic remains in China , is famed for its magnificent scale, profound connotation and fancy structure all over the world. The southward temple consists of the memorial archway, temple gate, opera tower, praying hall, principal hall and sleeping palace in the two linked courtyards, which show the local architectural feature of the office in the front and the residence at the back. The symmetrical arrangement of the City God Temple in the east of the Ancient City of Pingyao and the County Government Office Building on the west, which are the two dominant organizations dominating the nether world and the living beings of the whole city, reflects the feudal thought of the common government of humans and gods. Besides, the City God Temple as well as the Wealth God Temple and the Kitchen God Temple constitutes a large construction complex with the splendid colored glaze tile on the roof, the lifelike statuary in the halls and gorgeous frescoes on the walls, which are rare historical bequest for researching the ancient Pingyao’s social institution culture, religion culture and architectural art and make you acclaim as the peak of perfection.