Fresno Chaffee Zoo is one of the Central Valley’s finest zoos they have recently appointed a new Zoo Director to manage the millions of dollars that will go into renovating the Zoo and updating the exhibits.  Here you find the Rain Forest exhibit where tons of birds fly and rainforest mammals walk about, Stingray Bay where you can go and touch the stingrays, and the newly opened Sea Lion Cove with its 35 foot long underwater viewing window.  The Chaffee Zoo has longtime been a favorite destination for many school field trips allowing hundreds of children an opportunity to see the zoo and it’s many animals.

Classes are offered for kids ages 3-17 during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and is referred to as "Zoo Camp." You can pick up a brochure of classes being offered at the Education Department, call 559-498-5920 or email  The classes are informative, fun and educational. They go behind the scenes, get up-close and personal with Education animals or explore the zoo on a daily basis.