Top 10 Things to Do in Culver City

See Live Theater
Visit Art Galleries
Listen to Jazz
See a Movie
Check out Architecture
See Hollywood History
Ice Skate

1. The list of hot dining locations in Culver City continues to grow almost daily. Almost a dozen restaurants have joined the multitude of destination restaurants already in Culver City in the last year. Many of these new restaurants have famous chefs/owners at the helm. Fresh, fusion, organic, comfort, vegetarian, fried, raw, or grilled = tasty for all!
"In a swift, but not unforeseen, reversal of fortunes, Culver City is closing in on being the most food friendly town on the Westside." LA Times Feature, May 3, 2006

2. Center Theatre Group (Kirk Douglas Theater) and Tim Robbins’ Actor’s Gang (Ivy Substation) call Culver City home.

3. In addition to a variety of unique shopping destinations such as the Helms Furniture District, Culver City also has one of the few Westside Costcos and Targets for your basic shopping needs.

If you want to shop for the very best in design, art and collectables, JF Chen's new C Vault at 8590 National Bouelvard, Culver City, CA 90232, is a vast loft store space and gallery with exceptional vintage and modern furniture and design from every era, every designer and in every material. JF Chen's finds are also at a second new loft store JF Chen Loft at 941 N.Highland Avenue # 200, LA CA 90038.

4. More than 30 art galleries have opened Downtown and along East Washington Boulevard and South La Cienega Boulevard.
Culver City has suddenly found itself thrust onto the scene as an art district in the making. Like a nascent Chelsea, in New York, white-box art galleries are sandwiched between industrial supply stores and auto-repair shops, including one that only repairs classic Mustangs.” New York Times Travel, April 3, 2005

5. The Jazz Bakery has been called the best jazz venue in Los Angeles. A newcomer to the scene, Industry Café & Jazz, is also making a great impression. Check out the LA Times article: Jazz with some rockin' specialties by Susan LaTempa, May 31, 2006.

6. In the heart of Downtown, the Culver Pacific Movie Theater shows the latest films in a clean, comfortable environment.

7. Culver City has architectural gems tucked away in surprising places. Spend some time in the Hayden Tract viewing some of Eric Owen Moss' acclaimed modern buildings or wander Downtown to soak in the history of the City.

8. Culver City is steeped in movie-making history. Learn more about it by visiting the local studios or strolling the "Culver City Walk of Fame" on East Washington where more than sixty films are commerated.

9. Whether you want to play ice hockey, broom ball or skate like the pros, you can at Culver Ice Arena.

10. In Culver City you can enjoy a shady lunch at a large number of outdoor dining locations, picnic in a park, swim to beat the heat, cycle along the bike path to the beach, or pamper yourself with a massage or facial. In though the city is in the middle of hectic Los Angeles, this small town allows you to slow down and enjoy yourself.