If you are visiting Coronado and are not staying at a beachfront resort such as the Hotel Del Coronado, you can gain access to a public beach that is very little used, even by local San Diegans. Simply drive down the Silver Strand (state highway 75) a half mile or so beyond the "Hotel Del". You will be passing about 12 high rise condos (15 stories each). A small brown with white lettering sign will appear stating "public beach access". Take the next turn to your right, go past the guard station and if there is a guard on duty state you are going to use the public beach and parking lot, which is directly in front of you. After parking, you have a short walk of a hundred feet or less, walk up a ramp, and voila! There is this beautiful, uncrowded beach, a few swimmers, surfers and locals walking their dogs along a curving cement path. The beach is wide open, life guard on duty during the days.  Very "uncrowded"! And the parking is even free (but no overnight camping allowed). Beautiful views down the coastline towards Mexico, views of the Coronados Islands of Mexico, and Point Loma is prominently visible on your right. Behind you a beautiful path, landscaping, and beautiful waterfront condos. Great for an hour or two or half a day!