Traveling to Carmel Valley is like taking a trip back through time. Although the Monterey Peninsula is not far, Carmel Valley has its own unique personality and its own "look." As you travel along rustic Carmel Valley Road, you pass by many opportunities for a romantic adventure including wine tasting, farms for collecting colorful flowers and shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, scenic hiking trails with flat walks through the tall grasses and wildflowers and up through the mountains, and a host of romantic inns and restaurants.

This area will strike you as being completely different. Not only does the fog disappear, the temperatures tend to be about 10 degrees warmer on average as compared to oceanside. Even though this area is laid back, there are world-class resort hotels and smaller inns.

If you are looking to truly escape from it all, consider Carmel Valley for its rustic, down home charm, beautiful scenery and warmer weather.