Casanova in located on 5th & Mission in the quaint village of Carmel.  The house is more like a cottage and has warmth and charm.  The hosts at Casanova are very hospitable and welcoming.  We like to dine out on the back patio that is full of lively, talkative diners.

 For lunch, try the Salade de Confit de Canard aux Lentilles which is the warm duck salad with lentil and oh so good!  Your server will be glad to pair a wine for you with your menu selection.  I like the Georis Sauv Blanc here that is fragrant, crisp and clean.  The restaurant features Georis wines, they also have a tasting room in Carmel Valley if you wish to sample more of these fine, local wines.

Casanova is open for lunch and dinner.