Carmel, California is considered to be one of the most dog friendly cities in the entire world. As you walk along the streets of this quaint one-square mile town, you will find people walking all types of dogs up and down the main street (Ocean Avenue) and down along the beach.  The great thing about dog friendly Carmel is that many of the restaurants and coffee houses allow dogs. There are also several hotels that are not only allow pets, but they are actually pet friendly -- providing such luxuries as dog beds, complimentary dog treats and personalized water bowls. The most well known pet friendly hotels include Carmel Country Inn,  the Cypress Inn and Vagabonds House Inn. The best of the pet friendly restaurants include the Forge in the Forest and the lounge at the Cypress Inn. The most friendly pet grooming and day care/overnight care is Signature Paw Spa on San Carlos street. After the beach this is a great spot to have your dog cleaned up for dinner or just drop them for an hour or so to watch a doggie movie and lounge in their own Carmel pup hangout. They can even plan your dogs birthday party or special event for you.

Very few beaches in the area allow dogs -- even on a leash. On Carmel Beach, however, dogs are allowed and can even be off leash (as long as you maintain strict voice control) so that they can freely run along the shoreline and into the water. Local shops sell everything from dog clothes to exclusive dog treats. One local company, Carmel Dog Parties, hosts elegant parties at a variety of local hotels and restaurants to help celebrate the arrival of a new puppy, dog birthday, doggie adoption or just a get together amongst dog loving friends. 

So if you are coming to Carmel and thinking about boarding your dog while your gone, think again. Carmel is a great place to bring your "best friend" so that they can enjoy a vacation as well.

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