Chances are that whenever you chose to visit Calistoga, you'll find comfortably nice weather. However, the best time to visit is probably in the fall - September and October - when you'll be able to visit the wineries in full production mode. The weather is beautiful at this time of year with temperatures in the 80s.

No matter when you go to Calistoga, make sure to bring a sweater or cardigan; it never gets too hot or humid here. The coldest month is generally January with an average of 48 degrees. Even if you visit in November , when the average temperature is 53, but can go up to the mid-60s, you're guaranteed a pleasant, relaxing vacation and plenty of wine tastings. Still, be prepared for rain in the winter months and bring an umbrella! If you go to Calistoga in the Spring, you'll be relieved to find very little tourists or traffic and cheaper rates at restaurants and hotels.