Guide to Beverly HIlls on Oscar weekend.  Do not expected to see celebrities everywhere, at all of the hotspots mentioned in the gossip magazines.  Since it was Oscar weekend all celebrities were in pre parties.  There was a large Vanity Fair Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel- 500+ people. Wait in the lobby and only saw Paula Abdul, and Brittany Murphy.  Go the side entrance, that is where all the celebriteis were leaving.  Nicki Hilton and Andy Garcia were spotted leaving.  So if you go to Beverly Hills on Oscar weekend go to the major hotels.  You will see tons of celebrities. 

Dinner Friday at Mr Chow-  Georgio Armani was spotted.   Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were there earlier.

The following restaurants and clubs are usually favorites for celebrities-  Spago- Food was great, IVY- go at lunch not diner, Hyde- go in through the back, you have to pay to get in unless you have reservations, Le Duex- very hard to get in.

Go shopping on Robertson, DO NOT go to MELROSE!!