Though California generally conjures up images of sun-soaked beaches and endless summers, the weather in Berkeley is generally just mild and temperate, with four distinct seasons and a summer that definitely does have an end. In fact, most would tell you summer probably isn’t even the best time to visit northern Cal, although it remains the most popular. To beat the crowds, and avoid some of the muggiest, dampest days which characterize Berkeley summers, late spring and early autumn are your best bet—September beings clear skies, dry days and warm nights.

In spring and fall, temperatures are generally in the 70s, sometimes even stretching up into the 80s. And even in the peak of summer, the mercury won’t be jumping like it does a few hundred miles south—days over 90 are rare.

You shouldn’t necessarily count out the winter for your visit either, as although it can get pretty chilly, windy and foggy, the temperature rarely ever drops below freezing and snow, though not unheard of, is highly unlikely.