Follow University Avenue up until it hits UC Berkeley at Oxford Street..  Make a one-street jog to the left, until you reach Hearst Street.  Go to the right, up-up again, until you get to Arch Street.  Turn left, and you will be on Holy Hill.  


Holy Hill has been designated as a National Historic Site.  It is the home of several seminaries, from Catholic, to United Church of Christ, to Baptist.  It is the home of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), with its common library.  


Parking on the street, you can walk around the seminaries.  You can view the museum in the Pacific School of Religion (PSR), the GTU library, and the lovely view of the Bay Area from certain streets.


People are friendly, so if you see a student reading, you may be able to ask a few questions about the area, and get to know a bit more about life there.  The whole neighborhood is a lovely cultural experience, not to be missed.