An old city on the banks of Betwa......a city with high citadels and famous temples. Orchha is a legacy of the Bundela rulers who built this city from scratch. For centuries many Kings ruled and built palaces and temples for loved ones.

The main attraction of Orchha is the tall and majestic Orchha Palace,  with its magnificent chhatries. The Orchha Palace overlooks the many-tiered Jehangir Pace built for the mughal emperor by Raja Bir Singh Deo. Jehangir had attended the Raja's coronation, and the Raja supported his friend, when he rebelled against his father Akbar.

It's the view from the top of these buildings that shows how big the city was. All around the main palaces lie ruins of small mahals, but the one place where the heart of Orchha still beats is the Ram Raja mandir - the only temple in India where Ram is worshipped as a King. The story goes that an idol of ram was temporarily shifted to this erstwhile palace, but when the time came to remove it, the idol became too heavy. Pilgrims still visit it regularly, praying for marital bliss.

It's not just the palaces, but the temples also draw a huge crowd. Here another main attraction is weddings, Orchha-style. If you wish for instant marital bliss, forget Las Vegas and go to Orchha. All you have to do is exchange jaimalas and you are man and wife. No need for a priest, no need for any rituals.