Since 2003 The Laser training Center has attracted the best Laser sailors in the world for Cabarete's unique sailing conditions of wind and waves, and high quality coaching. 23 of the sailors who participated in the 2012 Olympic games in London, included Cabarete in their training campain. For more information checkout Laser Training Center.


Windsurfing made Cabarete famous.  The relatively flat water in the bay combined with fairly constant trade winds and thermals make Cabarete an ideal spot for the sport.  It is regularly home to international competitions and there are four centers on the beach for rentals or lessons.  


Kiteboarding is not a self-taught activity - it's best learned under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing. Cabarete is one of the best places in the entire world to learn kiteboarding because of the fantastic wind conditions, experienced instructors, and excellent kiteboarding schools.  Usually it takes at least a week to learn, and the entire learning process is highly enjoyable.  The average cost of 8 hours of lessons (2 hours per day)  is around $450.  Here is a list of several kiteboarding schools and equipment rental in Cabarete: GoKite, Dare2Fly , Laurel Eastman KiteboardingLG Surf CampKiteExciteKite Club Cabarete, Maraja Beach KiteCenter, Magic19 kiteboarding, No Work Team.  You will also find many kiteboarding schools reviewed right here on Trip Advisor on the Cabarete Attractions page here.  Plan ahead and contact a school before coming, many centers will give great pre-booking discounts.


Surfing in Cabarete takes place in Encuentro beach (normally an early morning sport).  If you are already a surfer, you can go to Encuentro beach early in the morning and rent a board (around $20 p/day) from several schools located directly beside the beach.  There are also several places offering surfing lessons in Encuentro beach as well as places that offer you accommodation in Cabarete town and surfing lessons at Encuentro Surf Beach, like LG Surf Camp, Ali's Surf Camp (also known as Cabarete Surf Camp) or  Swell Surf Camp.  

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling takes place in Sosua, the next town west of Cabarete and about a 10-minute cab ride. The bay is very sheltered from the Alantic winds so the water is normally calm with little current and excellent visibiliy. There is a range of sites from easy shallow dives to deep dives including the Zingara wreck which is at 36m.  Dive Cabarete is the only dive centre based in the town. They carry out training in a classroom and swimming pool in the town and will collect you from your hotel to take you diving in Sosua Bay from their own boat. There are other diving centres in Sosua.

Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

Another way to enjoy the water and the waves, this newest form of surfing gripping the surf community and originating in Hawaii has now arrived in Cabarete.  Early mornings when there's no wind is the time to grab one of those huge boards and paddle out to the reef and along the bay, enjoying the coral bottom through the glassy water and amazing views back towards the Island. An experience recommended to every ocean lover. SUP's are available for rent in the best schools of Cabarete and Kitebeach, LG Surf Camp, Kite Club, LEK, Vela Cabarete and Dare2Fly offer many different SUP models. LG Surf CampVela Cabarete, Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding, and  Swell Surf Camp offer rentals as well as beginner SUP lessons. Cabarete Bay has the perfect conditions for this form of surfing. Kiters of the Caribbean and Vela Cabarete offers guided tours through rivers and lagoons.

General Information on Water Sports 

The best months of the year for windsurfing and kitesurfing are June, July, and August; then, January through March. Generally the trade winds wear off in September through late December, and May through mid June.

The surf season begins in late September when the North and North/East swells arrive. This lasts right through April.

Scuba Diving is a year round activity. 

Motorized water sports are prohibited in Cabarete Bay, which makes it very peaceful for sailing sports!