A valid passport is required to enter the Dominican Republic.  

Most visitors will need to buy a tourist card for U.S.$10 per person - before going through Immigration and Customs.  Bring U.S. cash with you in your carry on luggage and have exact change to make it easy.  You buy the card from a small kiosk then a few feet later hand it to the collector, before you present your passport to Immigration.

As of January 2010 citizens of the following lucky countries DO NOT require a visa or a tourist card: Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru, and Uruguay

Here is the official list of countries whose citizens require a tourist card or visa to enter the Dominican Republic:


Arriving in Puerto Plata: Gregorio Luperon Airport (POP)

The closest airport to Cabarete is POP.   A taxi cab to Cabarete center will cost you USD$35 for up to four passengers.   Taxicabs are a safe means of transportation.  When you exit customs, you will see to your left a large sign with the current rates.  On your right, you will find a podium where you should go to request a cab.  As in any other airport, do not accept transport from anyone who approaches you directly.  Just go to the podium.  [Note that there may be a surcharge during the evening).

 Private transfers can also be arranged.  Two companies usually recommended in the forums for private transfers are; Isaira Tours ( and FiveStarDr (no webpage, email contact:  All companies have English-speaking drivers.


Arriving in Santo Domingo: Las Americas Airport (SDQ)

If you arrive in Santo Domingo, you will be about 4 hours away (depending on the time of the day) from Cabarete.  Your transport options are:

 (a) taxi cab—expect to pay around USD$200 for a cab for four people;

 (b) Airport Shuttle, share or private transfer, Check out get your guide ( for best price to Cabarete.

 (c) buses—there are two large bus companies that come to Sosua (10 minutes from Cabarete).  You will have to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station (around USD$35), and then again from Sosua to Cabarete ( USD$15).  These bus companies are Metro Tours and Caribe Express.   The latter has more scheduled buses to Sosua than Metro.   The cost of the bus ride is around USD$10 per person (Metro is a bit more expensive than Caribe Tours, but more reliable and newer buses).  The temperature in buses of both companies is really low.  Do remember to bring a sweater in your carry-on luggage.  Caribe Tours buses tend to be much colder than Metro Buses and also make a few more stops on the way.  Major stops are in Santiago and then again in Puerto Plata before proceeding to Sosua. 

Metro   http://www.metroserviciosturisticos.c...

Caribe Tours


Arriving in Santiago: Cibao International Airport (STI)

Taxi cab from STI to Cabarete is USD$100 for up to four people.  Keep in mind though that the cab driver may take the mountain route (through  the town of Moca).  If you are arriving late at night, this is not a very good option.  Ask the driver to take the route through Puerto Plata instead. 

An alternative is to take a cab to the bus station (Metro or Caribe Tours, in the Jardines neighborhood are one block away from each other) and the bus to Sosua.

Departure Tax

The departure tax is USD$20 per person.  Passengers flying commercial from North America will likely have already included this tax in the total cost of their ticket.  Charter flights and flights from Europe may or may not have it included.

Visitors who stay more than 30 days will also need to pay an overstay fine upon departure.  Below you will find the pricelist, from the 2014 updated schedule of Immigration Department website.  These prices are in Dominican Pesos, not USD.  


VENTANILLA EXTRANJERIA  (see for longer stays)

-From 30 days to 3 months2,500.00-
-From 3 to 9 months 4,000.00-
-From  9 months to 1 year5,500.00-