Whitewater Rafting - Cagayan de Oro River

This sport adventure activity had made Cagayan de Oro City as the whitewater rafting capital in Philippines.  This water sport was introduce way back in 1995 but was promoted more during year 2003 by former President Gloria M. Arroyo as part of tourism campaign during her term.  The rafting route provide a whole year round of manueverable rafting stage from beginner to advance courses.  The water route is found within the city limit and was promoted as new tourist attraction for visitor to Cagayan de Oro City.

The best time to enjoy the rapids is during wet months season starting from June to December of every year where water level is higher and produce more rapids.  There are numerous water rafting tour operator to choose from and all regulated and accredited by local tourism dept. and local goverment in the city to ensure safety and enjoyable sport recreation.

For first timer in white water rafting it would take you about 3 hours adrenalin ride from take off point and about 14 obstacles course until you finish to the end point.  It will take you about half day tour to start and finish this natural water adventure.

Whitewater Rafting