Traveling to Margarita Island from the USA can be challenging when you are going through Caracas.  There are no direct flights from Miami to Margarita. Try to avoid Caracas by going through either Valencia or Barcelona, but these flights tend to be a bit pricier.

If you fly Aeropostal, the staff is bi lingual, and it is easy to find in Miami. You may want to have your luggage shrink wrapped as sometimes things tend to go missing.  It's not cheap though so if you have valuables you should keep them with you and avoid the charges of the shrink wrapping!  Santa Barbara Airlines is the cheapest way to go these days (Oct 2008)

While in flight you will get a customs form and an immigration visa. Since you are a tourist, check the tourist section. When you land in Caracas, you will proceed to immigration. This can take a bit if they are busy. They are usually very nice to incoming tourists unless you look scruffy or  may be carrying too much cash. The officer will stamp your visa and passport and you can proceed to the baggage claim area. Once you have all your baggage, proceed to customs on the other side of baggage claim area. After you clear customs , go to the people mover walkway (this is new and the signage is not quite in place), do not follow the others outside.  You are going to the domestic airport, so no need to leave the airport areas.

Once you have your ticket to Margarita you will have to pay an airport tax. It is well marked and you can pay in USD or B's. Next you go to the security screening area's where they will take a stub from your tax coupon. Once through security you can find your gate and wait. There are a lot of shops and places to get a cold one or a soda. By this time you will probably need it. You can pay in B's or USD but if using USD don't expect change.

Boarding to Margarita is simple and uneventful. The flight is only about half an hour, no sooner the plane is at cursing altitude it will be time to start the decent. Once on the island you just follow the crowd to the baggage area. Get your baggage and head out the doors. Cabs will be out front to take you where you are heading.  The prices are normally standard and can be seen sometimes on a rate sheet.  The current rate is 40 to 50 bolivares (jan 2009) depending are where you are going, but prices are going up so it may be different when you arrive.  Ask 2 or 3 taxis and see if all give you the same rate.

There are many people trying to help tourists for a small price.  Many are honest, many try to gouge It's difficult to tell who is honest and who is not, so be careful. Check with the Margarita Island Forum here on trip advisor current  events and happenings etc.

If while on the island you would like a day tour with an English speaking guides, here are three and and