Horseback riding is a wonderful way to see Margarita Island. Whether you are a first timer or refined equestrian, this experience can be yours now!

CabaCaribe is an American run ranch centrally located near Playa el Agua.  This is a small horseback riding operation on the north end of Margarita Island. Conveniently located only five minutes from Playa El Agua they serve all the major tourist hotels. The company is operated by real "American Cowboys" and groups are limited to five people with at least two guides per group.  Small groups allow much more flexibility when dealing with different experience levels. They cater to all levels, from beginners to experts, and offer multiple choices of tours that are suitable for all levels of ability and experience. CabaCaribe has six American Quarter Horses from the Unites States and six native Criollo horses from Venezuela. The horses are all different sizes and abilities so that almost anyone who wants to ride may be accommodated.  The horses are well fed and cared for as they are the real stars in this business. The TripAdvisor reviews are here

On the other end of the island is Cabatucan, a French establishment with 20 or so horses that you can gallop along the beaches and mountains of Macanao.  Owned by the French couple Luc & Patricia, this horse operation is run like chic stables with a western touch. Luc is wonderfully charming and will do his best to accommodate his guests.  It is a hike to get there (about 45 minutes from most places), but if you love horses and would like to see this less touristy end of the island, it is well worth the distance. Cabatucan´s driver will be glad to pick you up at your accommodation in their comfortable and cool van.  You can chat with the other folks and enjoy your view as you make your way over to Macanao! Cabatucan tours will take you through the mountains  where you will encounter serously breathtaking views and then onto the beach you will go, The beaches on this side of the island are always deserted and a good gallop along the water is inevitable.  It will be the highlight of your trip to Margarita!   Cabatucan's facilities are gorgeous and the ride in the mountains and on the beach are idylic and completely crowd-free.  For pictures and information visit their website at:

 RANCHO MACANAO come and Live the adventure…: Rancho Macanao is a place for people who want to spend an exciting day enjoying the best horseback riding in Margarita Island, Venezuela. Here you can enjoy with all your family the spectacular landscapes found on Macanao’s Peninsula. Horses to suit all riding abilities. Have the best equestrian vacations riding along different exotic trails., Facebook: Rancho Macanao, Twitter: Rancho Macanao.