Easter Island can be experienced by attending a tour, that is more environment friendly option for such a fragile environment compared to rental cars but rental cars are available for those who want them.

Major rental companies rent their vehicles for 24 hour period only. Locals and some minor companies might be more flexible but considering that rental cars are not insured (that applies every car on the island) and the lesser-known fact that locals as well as tourists have a nasty habit of drinking and driving, lack of proper street lights and the condition of roads, at least some amount of common sense should be applied when renting a vehicle.

Larger vehicles, such as vans, are mainly used by Tour Operators but a small amount of these vehicles can also be rented for large groups of people traveling together. However, the cost for a rental van is fairly expensive and when you consider the fact that major Tour Operators, like Kia Koe Tour, might upgrade tours as Private Tours without any cost when there's minimum of 8 persons traveling together (the number depends on season).

The cost of gas on the island is not an issue since the island is relatively small. There is only one gas station, which is located near the south end of the main street.

Easter Island does have plenty of taxis. Taxis can be hired to take passengers anywhere they want to go on the island. However, advise from your hotel reception should be requested to avoid scams by taxi drivers. Additionally, taking a taxi out of Hanga Roa might prove to be more expensive than a tour with a professional guide so plan well ahead if you want to head out of Hanga Roa.

Tourists often rent bicycles during their stay to use as their main form of transportation.