Sant Ferran Castle


Pujada del Castell s/n

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 Sant Ferran Castle




Autumn and Winter (Last Sunday in October to the last Saturday of March): 10:30h to 15:00h  

Holy Week and Summer (July 1 to Sept. 15), Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00h to 20:00h  

The rest of the year: 10:30 to 18:00h  

Open every day of the year except Jan. 1 and 6, Dec. 25 and 26.



The Castle is located on top of a hill at the end of Pujada del Castell. This large fortification was built in the 18th century by several military engineers that included Pere Cermeño and Joan Cermeño. The area covers 32 hectares and its perimeter is 3120 meters. Its underground tanks can hold 10 million liters of water. The castle could hold 6000 men and is the largest monument in Catalunya and was the largest ramparted fortress in 18th century Europe. It was opened to the public in July, 1997 and is in a very good state of preservation.