Follow a Tapas Bar Trails and discover the real Spain hidden in Nerja's wonderful back streets. A night of Tapas in the traditional bars is a great night out, not only is it very cheap but it is a very social way of eating and drinking at your leisure whilst mixing with the locals and doing as they do. Children are welcomed although you may find you pay more for their soft drinks than you do for your beer & wine!! One thing is for sure, you will think twice about sitting in restaurants for every night of your future holidays.

Kids can also get involved by playing Tapas Bingo where they can identify all the different types of Tapas along the way.

Maps, routes and bingo games can be downloaded for the following website:

Tapas Trails in Nerja

 Hi Everyone,

You will read and discover many articles and Tapas bar recomendations where ever you look on the internet. The best thing to do is to start at El Pulguilla on  Calle Almirante Ferrandiz which is one of the busiest streets in Nerja just off the Balcony area.

Here you will be faced with a range of tapas that is suitable to most tastes and, at busy times, take in the flavour of a typical Spainsh bar. The prices for tapas are inexpensive. Even if you never visit another tapas bar you will have experienced Spain at El Pulguilla. However, you really should then head away from the town and get lost in the back streets.

You will eventually stumble upon any number of  tapas bars. Make you way towards the 'Main Bus Stop' or towards 'The Parador' you can find a number of tapas bars, which at first glance look daunting but are friendly and welcoming to all.

Werecomend: El Cangrajo On Calle Habana near the roundabout at the main road N-340 and Los Bulbainor on Calle Alejandro Bueno in the same area. This bar looks really antiquated but, again warm and friendly once inside. It also goes by the name of 'The Commie Bar'. Do not let this put you off. Next head right out of this bar along on to Calle Herrera Ora.

A couple of hundred meters or so brings you to the 'In & Out' bar (It has access to two streets) and a couple of others in this location including 'El Chispa/Dolores'  on Calle San Pedro are worth a visit at any time of the year. 

From El Chispa if you make your way to the 'Parador' roundabout and  head towards the sea there are a few other really nice bars that serve tapas and from here you can make your way back into the centre on the Calle Carebeo.

Another good area for a 'TapasTrail' experience is around the 'TuttiFrutti' area and surroundng streets. You will not have to go very far.