Cazorla is a town with a population of about 8000 people, set on a mountainside, with an elevation of 800 meters. One passes this town to go to the Cazorla Nature Park, which is a very large and protected park, where there are many threatened species. The park is mostly a pine forest and is the source of the Guadalquivir River, the second longest river in Spain, and it goes to Seville.

The town of Cazorla had the name of Carcacena during the Roman times. It was an Iberian settlement before the Romans came and had one of the first bishoprics during the Christian time. When the Moors came, they made this town one of their strongholds and fortified it. In 1235 the Christians retook it during the Reconquest. 


Of interest is the Church of San Jose, a small church with a beautiful main altar done in gold color. There is another small church called the Church of San Francisco that stands out because there are 8 huge murals that are copies of El Greco’s paintings. A local artist painted these and the paintings make this church very unique. There is also a Threatened Species Center which shows all the threatened species that occupy the park, and among them is the Iberian Lynx.


The town of Cazorla is next to the Cazorla Nature Park, the largest protected park in Spain.