Church of Santa Cruz 


Location: Plaza de Santa Cruz 


Monday to Saturday: 11 to 13h and 16 to 18h. 

Sunday: 12 to 14h. 


The Church of Santa Cruz is the best conserved Romanesque church in Andalusia. It was constructed in the 13th century after the Christian conquest of Baeza in 1227 by King Fernando III. Experts think that the church belonged to the Order of the Temple. During the Spanish Civil War it was extensively damaged, but was restored in 1950. The church is like a small jewel. The exterior is austere and is formed by rubblework masonry. There are two doorways that have three archivolts over columns and decorated with vegetal motifs. There are three naves that are separated by cylindrical pillars. The central nave is wider and higher than the other side naves. The church has two Gothic naves.