Eureka Gras Mardi Gras Extravaganza

Beginning with king's Day in January, a grand costume party is held to announce the New King and Queen and their Royal Court consisting of Dukes and Duchesses.  This revelry is continued with week-end events that follow that include the serving of Cafe au Lait and Beignets on a Saturday called the Taste of N'Awlins and the following week the Annual Christening of the Floats with more 2nd Line dancing.

A new annual event was started by bringing in a Light and Sound parade for those folks wishing more for a Saturday evening.  This begins at the Rowdy Beaver Restaurant, makes its downtown loop and returns to the Rowdy for more Revelry.

Beginning with the weekend prior to Mardi Gras Day,  on Thursday evening, a Masquerade costume party known as the Hookers and Jokers Ball is held at the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center. A yeoman's Buffet Banquet is greeted by a mini indoor parade and Costume Contests are followed by an evening of Jazz and Blues dancing music.

On the next day, Friday, the Coronation Ball reigns at the Crescent Hotel hosted by the Krewe of Krazo where the majestic Kings and Queens of prior years and the incoming Royalty present a grand Masquerade Ball in honor of the new King and Queen.  All in revelry and dressed in formal attire to the tunes of New Orleans Jazz music with a Champagne banquet only prepared for Kings of old.

A Grand Day Parade procedes down Spring and Main streets headed by a celebrity Grand Marshal and a cavalcade of colorfully draped convertibles lead by the King and Queen following them, individual members of the Royal entourage sporting colorful capes tossing out thousands and thousands of Mardi Gras beads.  Behind them are the Floats, Bands, and Costumed walking groups.  Bringing up the rear, is the Krewe of Barkus, costumed K-9s and their owners.

Making a grand day of it all is topped with yet another masquerade ball -- The infamous Beaux Arts Ball held at the historic Basin Park Hotel.

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday is celebrated with throngs of costumed party-goers carrying decorated umbrellas as they procede from Pub to Pub to the sounds of When the Saints Go Marchiing In.  All are stepping and weaving in good ole fashioned Second Line as originated in New Orleans.

And a final Masquerade Ball, the King Cake Ball holds the crowds that are seeking the final fling of Revelry before the Lentin Season that calls an end to Mardi Gras passions.    http://Krazo.Ureeka.Org

St Paddy Parades - Krewe of Blarney Halfast Walkin Klub 

On Saturdays preceding March 17th, The Krewe of Blarney Halfast Walkin Klub hosts an annual downtown parade on it's famous Spring Street.  Everyone in Green is allowed to partake in the rambling parade of Floats, bands, bag-pipers,  decorated vehicles, colorful walkers, horses and dogs and pigs and llamas follow.  The parade is lead by a celebrity Grand Marshal and a Sweet Sixteen Colleen.  The Kaptains Klub ritual is to have a pre-parade VIP Roast and Toast to its members as they join the parade in Limosines and dismount at the start-up dressed out in tuxedoes with green sashes carrying flower canes.  The flowers are passed out to the damsels along the way and when they arrive at the final block by the Basin Park -- they excitedly toss out beads after beads to the friendly waving crowds of parade fans.  All the parade participants then have a tailgate party with green suds, and Cornbeef and Cabbage to the tunes of syncopating music and Irish jigs. 

St Paddy Kazoo playing All Stars

On St Patricks Day March 17 -- the Kazoo All Star Marching Club takes to the streets from Chelsea's Corner decked out in green and all blowing out in rhythym Irish tunes to their hearts content as they proceed from Tavern to Tavern winding their way down the mountainous streets to end at the Cat House where a grand party and entertainments are held.   http://StPaddy.Ureeka.Org

Eureka Springs recently (2007) hosted  the second annual Feat Fest to showcase the great band Little Feat.  One of the guitar players in the band has adopted Eureka Springs as his home town.  His mother lives there.  Fred introduced her  the first concert night from the stage.  Little Feat played 2 nights of concerts in the small auditorium right down town.  There was not a bad seat in the house.  They were great!  Two of the members played the day before in a small local club.  They were very accessible, appearing around town to sit in with other musicians.  They attended the dinner the first night and went around to everybody's table and talked to you.  Some of their wives were there.  It was a very friendly down-home atmosphere.  There was a parade on Saturday ending in the small city park with a Fan Jam band.  It was a great musical weekend with the Feat!  In a great hospitable little town!