The Patan Museum is a MUST for anyone interested in Asian art, art history, history, the history of Nepal, curatorial science, or religion.  It is a WORLD CLASS museum.  Do not leave without  acquiring the Patan Museum book (softbound) (about US$15 and a bargain at that).  It is printed on heavy paper, has beautiful photographs, drawings, diagrams, and illustrations.  It is a bargain. It is also something to refer to over and over after you get home.  The museum outdoor restaurant is beautiful, the food is good, and the service is excellent.  There is a museum shop with some nice souvenirs, but the pricing is a little on the expensive side.  Many of the items for sale can be obtained in local shops at the same level of quality but for somewhat less money. The bathrooms are not bad either.  Joseph Gamboa 3/1/06