The Arizona State University Art Museum and Tempe Historical Museum truly reflects the diversified society and the rich culture that gives the American Southwest its distinctive identity.

Located on the campus of Arizona State University, ASU Art Museum houses contemporary Southwest and Latino artworks, American and European arts and crafts, and contemporary media and print. The museum boasts great collections of Mexican and Cuban modern and cotemporary art. It houses the largest collection of art made outside Cuba by 1990’s generation artists. The museum is constantly buying new works from Latino artists. Its latest acquisitions include works by Eduardo Ponjuan, Enrique Chagoya and Fernando Rodriguez.

The Tempe Historical Museum is committed to the diversity of the community where it is located. The visitor can go through Tempe history and know about Hohokam Indians, the first farmer communities near Salt River and the first commerce and industry entrepreneurs to the region.

The museum works closely with the community. Tempe’s residents share their personal stories that are part of an audio archive. As part of the museum’s schedule of events, sometimes residents speak to visitors about their own experiences of migration to the area. The museum opens Monday Through Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5 pm, Sunday from 1 pm to 5pm and Fridays and holidays is closed.