Tempe is not as hot as it can get. Let’s see some numbers. The lowest temperature goes down to 54 Farenheit in December and January, not bad for Winter. July and August are the hottest months with the temperature hitting the 90’s or the 100’s or even the 110’s. Not so good for Summer!

The best months to go beacuse you get sun, but not that much and warm weather is guaranteed (sometimes Winter is not as warm as expected, but it is the season that most visitors, specially northerers prefer) are March and April.

If you come in Summer, expect to spend you time in doors. Walking or being under the sun after 11:00 am and before 6:00 pm is only for the most adventurous who can resist the burning sun. It is not impossible, you need to take your bottle of water, wear a big hat, apply tons of sunscreen. If you are walking, prepare to make stops at a café or at a store to get some fresh and cold air. Everything takes longer in Summer. The nights are enjoyable: the air is beautifully cool and it is a party in itself compared to the extremely hot day. Hanging out along Mill Avenue, staying by the pool or driving around are your best choices when the sun, finally, sets down.