Do you like hot weather? That would be a good thing, if you’re headed to Scottsdale. The weather here is sunny and warm.. or hot, depending on the time of year and your definition of warm vs. hot.

Perhaps the best time to travel to Scottsdale is in the winter, when high temperatures reach into the mid 50s and 60s. Cool, to be sure, but depending on where you’re coming from, it might be downright tropical. Scottscale enjoys about 300 sunny days a year – and is the sunniest spot in the nation – so even if the winter sun is a bit cool, this is an excellent wintertime destination.  

Springtime temperatures in Scottsdale are usually in the 80s. That cooler winter weather doesn’t last too long, and warm days start to replace the colder January and February days. But bring a jacket because the nights can be cool.

The heat kicks in fast in Scottsdale. From April to June, the average daily temperature jumps from 85 to 103 degrees. Sometimes it can get cool at night, so bring a light jacket, but generally nights stay warm and lows dip just into the mid-80s.

Heading to Scottsdale for the holidays? You won’t get a white Christmas here, but the highs in December do reach an average of 66 degrees.