Strolling Scottsdale on public sidewalks or experiencing public areas of commercial buildings will treat you to Scottsdale Public Art pieces.  These range from (in the Downtown Districts) full sized bronze cowboy and horse statutes, a replica of the LOVE, cotton bowls-1928 car tire-ice pick-5 ft cowboy boot, and various family-camera-ready "props". Outside of the Downtown Districts as part of the requirement for commercial buildings you will find the founder Winfield Scott bronze, a tall blue spire at the Promenade Mall, Fashion Square Mall food court to top floor center piece. Then don't miss the city buildings-- outside the Civic Center Library if you look up you will see a cut out of a large swallow.  This filtered sunlight "travels" across the library exterior wall as the sun moves.  Before entering, locate the huge, hanging qwill and look over the balcony to the bottom floor to find the ink bottle.  Lots to discover in the Civic Center Plaza besides fountains!  City Hall (Kiva) has stained glass windows in the ceiling of the council meeting room.  Walk in, request permission to walk down the steps to the sunken audience area then look up. You'll shout WOW on the usually sunny day.