There are many different places to shop in the Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.

Phoenix high-end shopping is best at The Biltmore Fashion Park, located at 24th st and Camelback rd. It is an outdoor shopping area with all the boutiques as well as Macys and Saks Fifth Avenue. There are many places to eat in the beautifully landscaped shopping area as well.

Down the street from there at Colenade Mall area there is Last Chance. This is an outlet for Nordstroms last chance items. It is a well kept secret that you really have to sort through the items and sometimes mess to find your treasure. It is well worth it on a good day.

The Scottsdale great shopping (besides Scottsdale mall) is the Kierland Commons outdoor high-end Shopping. This too is a great beautiful area to stroll around while window shopping at all the great stores. No department stores are found here.  

There are also many little strip malls that have great boutiques all up and down Scottsdale Rd. Enjoy!