Desert Adventure in Phoenix


Desert Adventures in Phoenix


Phoenix, Arizona, is a great city to visit, with a lot of fun things to do in town and around! The desert is not just all dry air and sand… well it is, but it is also a great location for some fun activities. So keep on reading to discover what desert adventures you can find in Phoenix.

Desert Adventure in Phoenix #1: Off Road Driving

Have you ever thought about leaving the boring roads, feel adventurous and take a dirt road to see what’s out there! Phoenix desert is great for off road driving. It is such a fun adventure to take with friends or family, that gives you a great opportunity to discover the desert.  Desert Wolf Tours is a TripAdvisor Hall of Fame inductee and is the #1 ranked off-road desert tour company where you get to drive an authentic, military grade Tomcar UTV.  Desert Wolf Tours was named the Best Off-Premises Excursion in the World by   Extreme Arizona offers vehicles to rent and even guides to take along to not miss a thing. 

Desert Adventure in Phoenix #2:  Desert Dog Hummer Tour

For an adventure a little less sandy, you can take the Hummer Tour of Desert Dog. It is as fun, but you can close up the windows and enjoy all the fun of the desert without the dust of the sand in the car. Stops for cultural and historical sights are included in the tour, making it a very complete adventure.

Desert Adventure in Phoenix #3: Floating on Lake Pleasant

If you want to leave the sand behind for a while and enjoy the view of the desert and relax, think about a boat ride on Lake Pleasant. The Desert Princess II takes you for a dinner-cruise on the lake.

Desert Adventure in Phoenix #4: Southwest Desert Adventures

Southwest Desert Adventures is another amazing desert adventure. You can take a guided four-wheel drive jeep tour and discover the desert like you never have. They will show you places most people don’t get to see. A truly off the beaten path adventure!

So when you are in Phoenix, come discover what the Sonoran Desert has to offer. A Desert Adventure offers you such an amazing scenic experience, you can’t miss it.

Desert Adventure in Phoenix #5:  Horseback riding in Cave Creek and Goodyear

Cave Creek Trailrides and Corral West Adventures offer gentle mountain horses in two of the prettiest parks in the city, Cave Creek Regional Park and Estrella Mountain Regional Park.  Both locations allow you to dress up in  boots, hats and chaps to enjoy an educational and fun horseback trail  ride through the desert with knowledgeable guides who will share the history of the area and education you on the local flora and fauna. Family friendly and a great memory for all.  Come join the fun. 

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