Bariloche is way more than the "Switzerland of the Americas".  It is also thegateway to Northern Patagonian gems that are unique in many senses. Immense areas of wild nature with the highest continental endemism (youwon´t find such woods anywhere else) in the globe, only comparable with the farthestaway islands.  This area was declared World Reserve for its Biodiversityby UNESCO in 2007.

Bariloche toLahuen-Co is a particularly beautiful and stunning drive, off the beaten path,leading through the Patagonian steppe into the most pristine cold rain forest,crystal clear lakes, volcanic sceneries and natural hot springs as an awaitedreward.  All, with the least of people around. 

A 5 hours driveon an ever changing landscape:  the deserted steppe witnessed by LanínVolcano glacier cone, white rivers and the transition into the forest. When entering Lanín National Park, 8 lakes and lagoons escort the tripinside the best preserved area in the region, valleys and lakes carved by theglaciers, amazing beech forest, monkey puzzle trees, a recent lava flow withbonsai trees on top, black sands beaches and the natural hot springs.  This road (Provincial Route n. 62) also leads into Chile.

No settler isallowed to live on this trail, though you can stay in the wilderness at CurruhuéCamping and/or at Lahuen-Co, eco lodge & thermal spa.  Attainable by car (depending on the season),mountain bike or just hitchhike + hike.  The lodgealso offers regular transportation and boat trips. All year round.